G 【自慰:手淫。自涜。】
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You will understand Our music as long as you come.

Every day starts on the side of a steep hill.As day is almost done I descend again.I can't imagine how many hills I'll climb in life.But this must be one of the most memorable.I bet. We are G-spoⅡ.

A room where time is not for real The hands of time whirl and spin.A comfortable silence surrounds the room.For only but a short time can we stay.There, what is possible? We are G-spoⅡ.

Ever present throngs of youth.Ever present the chatter flows through the air.Decades of words impregnate the walls it's said.The emotion they exude wraps the youth so warm and tight. We are G-spoⅡ.

Fall in love. From 18th century England, he came.For seven days I've been head over heels with him.The 8th day came.Another book; it was my destiny to meet.In studio of course my mind drifts miles away. But that's Band,I believe. We are G-spoⅡ.

Some call it paradise.Some call it chaos.Some call it a fork in the road.Some may say it's a small Universe.Yet some say it's but only a station on life's railway.Today Band is ... We are G-spoⅡ.

Instant tonight of the dreamⅣ

Instant tonight of the dreamⅣ

(Thanks to you, it was finished in the prosperity very much.)

SPECIAL BIG EVENT of Southern All Stars Copy Band Live “Instant tonight of the dreamⅣ”!!

YOKOHAMA ARENA an outstanding multipurpose indoor Arena

With a total area of 8,000 square meters and a capacity of 17,000.Yokohama Arena is on of the largest multipurpose indoor arenas in japan.Yokohama Arena utilizes such state-of-the-art equipment as 11,000 computer-controlled movable seats, a large four-screen projection system and a ceiling capable of suspending more than 100 tons.These facilities make it possible to present more effective and memorable stage events than any produced in similar facilities in Japan.
With the enormous suspension capacity of the ceiling, accessible by lighting decks and catwalks, stage effects once thought impossible become regular fare.Yokohama Arena has a great reputation for its excellent acoustical quality.

[day]February 3, 2008(SUN)

■G-spoⅡ,Inamura-Jane's,Itoshi-no-ELLIEs(Three performances)

■An advance ticket:¥2,100- A day ticket:¥2,500- LawsonTicket Lcode:33464

[ set list ]
哀しみのプリズナー / BLUE MONDAY / エロスで殺して(ROCK ON) / 太陽が消えた街 / 飛べないモスキート(MOSQUITO) / いつか何処かで(I FEEL THE ECHO) / 風の詩を聴かせて / 真夜中のダンディー / スキップ・ビート(SKIPPED BEAT) / NUMBER WONDA GIRL ~恋するワンダ~ / ROCK AND ROLL HERO

We agree to the activity of AAA.

Led by a music industry, It started for the purpose of having you interest in many people for AIDS.The AIDS enlightenment movement started for the purpose of having you know right knowledge from 1993.

The activity keeps on in a year, and it is performed by various contents.A concert is performed every year on the World AIDS Day,A lecture,Free market,The AAA corner setting in the senior high school,Support to the children fighting against the AIDS in foreign countries,And all that.

An artist and a primary schoolchild and a junior high student and a high school student and many people participate.And the scale spreads year by year.

About This Site

This site is a site of the Copy bands of the Southern All Stars,"G-spoⅡ".Because We let contents gradually fill up, please expect it!Apart from what, please come for live broadcasting!!You will understand Our liking music as long as you come.

This site iz uh site o' da Copy bands o' da Southern All Stars,"G-spoⅡ".Because We let contents gradually fill up, please expect it!Apart from what, please come fo' live broadcasting!!You will dig' Our liking rap as long as ya come. what 'chew thinking man?

About G-spoⅡ

ボーカルの【Mr.DON】を中心にギターの【KING-Do】と、SouthernAllStarsのCopyBand『NONAME』の活動休止後に、SouthernAllStars、桑田佳祐ソロならどんな曲でもやっちゃおう精神は残しつつ結成したバンド。ボーカルとギター以外のメンバーの入れ代わりと共にバンド名を微妙に変更(G☆SPOT'S ⇒G-spoⅡ)。2007年にサックス、コーラス、パーカスにとマルチに活躍する【pista】をメンバーとして加え現在に至る。Liveのイメージや選曲のコンセプトなどで、サポートメンバーも入れ代わりが激しかったが、その結果、演奏は満足出来てもバンドの色や個性が曖昧になってしまうという問題に悩まされる。今現在はキーボードの【Tsusie】を加えたメンバー4人を中心に個性あるバンド作りを目指している。